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Holidays in the departement Puy de Dôme

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Combrailles area... along the waters edge

The exceptionally pure waters of the River Sioule flow through the Combrailles – a land of water, lakes and streams. Panoramic viewpoints overlooking the Chain of Puys or overhanging the River Sioule such as at the Méandre de Queuille contribute to make this a truly magical landscape.

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Clermont- Ferrand's only claim to fame used to be the Michelin tyre factory and its black cathedral spires... Today the city has now changed beyond recognition. With its lively, pedestrianized streets, a really popular, brand new tram service and chic, fashionable restaurants, the city is enjoying its renaissance. The Puy de Dôme volcano that lends its name to the département and is currently being classified as a ëGrand Site National' (major site of national importance) casts its watchful eye over the city together with the Gergovie plateau famous for the victory battle of Vercingétorix versus Caesar

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Sancy-Volcanoes...volcanic explosion

With its volcanoes - young and dormant or old and extinct, domes, puys, cones, craters, lakes and peat land – rich and diverse are two words which really capture the essence of this landscape unique in Europe. Nature in all its purity dominates this vast area which stretches from the Chain of Puys in the north to the Cézallier plateau in the south, passing through ski resorts and spa towns that offer numerous facilities for young and old alike (Family Plus label).

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Riom-Limagne Area... Land of Art & History

Between Clermont-Ferrand and Vichy, stretches the fertile land of the Limagne plain. Traditional dovecots and enchanting character properties set against the shimmering colours of the wide-open expanses of cereal crops bear witness to the glorious historical past of the area. In Riom, the former royal capital of the Auvergne, history is written all over the facades of its interesting buildings. Feast your eyes on the giant volcanic peaks of the nearby Chain of Puys.

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Livradois-Forez...or the ëAuvergne of the Rising Sun'

The Parc Naturel du Livradois-Forez (Livradois-Forez nature park), although more discreet than its volcanic neighbour, has just as much to offer. It is a mountainous landscape marked by passes, ridges and small valleys, home to craftsmen who for centuries have produced cutlery and paper. The Livradois-Forez shares the same colour and strength of character as the local cheese that symbolizes it – the Fourme d'Ambert, a blend of softness and strength, rugged and generous.

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Issoire Area – Allier Valley... with a Tuscan-like flavour...

The River Allier flows through a picturesque landscape of vineyards and golden coloured villages perched on high, some of which are classed among the ëPlus Beaux Villages de France' (literally some of the most beautiful villages of France). This ochre hued valley opens the way to the south. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a health treatment in Saint-Nectaire or discover the high Cézallier plateau. Completing the journey through to the Sancy mountains, this vast area of open, flowered heath land, offers a certain luminosity and atmosphere that is nothing short of irresistible.

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